Justin Trudeau Warns of 2nd Wave of Coronavirus

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

HAVANA TIMES – The global death toll from COVID-19 has topped 975,000, according to government statistics, though the true count is likely far higher. Indonesia reported more than 4,400 new coronavirus cases Wednesday — a daily record.

India recorded more than a thousand deaths and over 80,000 new cases, keeping India on track to pass the United States within weeks as the nation with the highest caseload.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned Wednesday of a new surge in coronavirus cases.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “In our four biggest provinces, the second wave isn’t just starting. It’s already underway. … We’re on the brink of a fall that could be much worse than the spring.”

France’s health minister has ordered new restrictions on public gatherings amid a record surge in new cases, while Spain is now seeing more daily cases than it did at the height of its first wave of the pandemic last spring.

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  • With the current conservative leadership that supports big business at the expense of homeless disabled and minimum wage essential workers it would be much worse than the other liberal N D P coalition. Are gov is corput but the Cuban government is 10 times worst. Even with high housing costs in Ontario Canada and B C the aid by the current Fed government has ment every one had enough food and money to buy medicine and basic needs. We still have homeless people living in tents in Ontario Canada because of the Ford government and private insurance companies cheating people. Many people in Cuba can not afford food or medical supplies or housing. The Cuban government got help from russia and after their own economy collapsed Canada and Holland tried to turn Cuban agriculture around and small manufacturing but the corrupt Cuba gov put some of the investors in Jail. The lack of medical supplies has cost many people in Cuba their own lives. The Cuban government as made private co ops impossible to get needed supplies as well small private companies instead of the Corrupt Cuba government stealing everything for themselves.

  • Stephen is correct in saying that under the democratic system, the Canadian NDP (Socialist) has a right to prop up a minority corrupt Liberal government, For them, that represents a major success.

    It is indicative of Stephen’s priorities that speaking French with absolute fluency (MacKay when a successful Minister, answered many questions in Parliament in French), is more significant than political policies and leadership abilities. The opinion reflects a view held by some in Canada, that being French/English fluently bilingual has some inexplicable relationship to leadership ability. Yet for thirteen years, Canada had a Liberal Prime Minister, one Jean Chretian whose supposed “English” was both inefficacious and ineffaceable.

    However, Stephen is correct in recording that the NDP received very few votes in the election, when the Conservative Party received the highest number of votes. Canada as a whole has consistently rejected Socialism. The NDP was always described by Chretian when trying to speak English, as the “turd party”.

  • Whether Canada is presently in the “2nd Wave of Corona virus” is a matter of semantics for now (September 2020). Canada, no doubt, is certainly, as the Prime Minister indicated, experiencing an increase in Corona virus cases in the two most populous provinces, namely Ontario and Quebec. That is definitely concerning despite what political ideology one adheres to.

    The governing Liberal Party, in a present minority Parliament, will not be defeated nor resign because they have support from the New Democratic Party (NDP). The NDP will support the Throne Speech which could technically have been defeated if Liberal had not given the NDP what they wanted in the Speech.

    The NDP were adamant that they wanted to see an increase in the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) for all Canadians to which the Liberals complied. Rather than Canadians receiving $400 per week, that stipend is now $500 per week. Thank the NDP for considering Canadians. Furthermore, and more importantly, the NDP had wanted Canadians to receive a certain amount of paid sick days for all Canadians who because of illness can not go to work hence are economically disadvantaged. Such a situation is extremely disadvantageous to working women who have kids at home. Again, NDP fighting for working class Canadians.

    Further, the Liberal Party needed the support of the NDP to remain in power so relented. This is democracy in action; this is a good thing. At the end of the day it is citizens, all Canadians impacted by these two policy decisions that benefit. It is very heartening to witness a Party that received very few votes during the last election which then translated to very few seats in Parliament have an immense impact on the ruling Liberals. In essence it demonstrates that in democratic nations elections count; every citizens participation counts.

    I disagree with Carlyle’s assessment regarding the Conservative’s decision. Peter MacKay does not know how to speak fluent French. Peter MacKay had more than ample time to learn how to speak French fluently for years while he was a cabinet Minister in Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. He chose not to. Well, all Conservatives know that to become Prime Minister in Canada one must court the French vote particularly in Quebec. Just ask former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    Former Prime Minister Harper made it his mandate to court Quebec at every opportunity he had because he knew the consequences of not doing so. The federal Conservatives did very well under the astute leadership of Stephen Harper, an Albertan, who learned and spoke impeccable French. Peter MacKay needs to learn that Canada has two official languages French/English such that a deficiency in one as a potential Party leader puts the deficient candidate at a serious disadvantage in any political televised debate and on the campaign trail, particularly in Quebec. The voting Conservatives knew that.

    Erin O‘Toole obviously politically astute knew how to court Quebec and won the Conservative leadership.

  • As the Canadian parliament is about to reconvene, there is hope that Trudeau and his Party which has a well earned reputation for corruption is either defeated or resigns. If the Conservative Party had been gifted with political wisdom, it would have elected Peter MacKay as leader, for as a moderate he would have been elected to govern. Instead, they elected a Reform type in one Erin O’Toole, whose views are too extreme, and Trudeau could regain power. But that is the democratic process and even Trudeau is far preferable to totalitarian rule as in Cuba.

  • Actually, he said we are in the second wave. He is wrong. He is famous for spitting out untruths.

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