King Trump: Migrants “Very Happy” with Situation in US Migrant Jails


HAVANA TIMES – Donald Trump dismissed widespread reports and video documentation of dire conditions for locked-up migrants over the weekend, saying many border facilities are “clean” and “run beautifully,” reported Democracy Now.

Trump: “In all cases, if you look, people that came from unbelievable poverty, that had no water—they had no anything where they came from—those are people that are very happy with what’s going on, because, relatively speaking, they’re in much better shape right now.”

On Sunday, he accused the media on Twitter of “phony and exaggerated accounts” of migrant detention centers, and again blamed Democrats for failing to enact more effective immigration policies—this despite recent congressional visits to migrant jails and multiple accounts of abuse recorded by legal and other experts.

12 thoughts on “King Trump: Migrants “Very Happy” with Situation in US Migrant Jails

  • Thank you John Bohannon for explaining why it is that the US has the highest level of incarceration in the whole wide world! I had previously believed the US statistics which demonstrate a distinct level of racism both in the duration of jail sentences and frequency. I had not realized that US conditions were so bad that people actually “climb the walls to get in” – is it the quality of food that attracts, or escaping from the US way of life?

  • The “American Jails” are the most unusual in the world, people climb walls to get in and if they don’t like it they can walk right out back into Mexico another capitalist country.

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