L.A. Times Editorial Favors Renewed US-Cuba Relations

Infanta Ave. in Havana.  Photo: Juan Suarez
Infanta Ave. in Havana. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuba embargo, imposed over a half century ago, “has inflicted suffering on the Cuban people for generations and yet has notably failed to achieve its goal of ousting the Castros. It’s time to lift it,” states an editorial from Los Angeles Times on Sunday.

The influential daily noted that the nuclear conflict (the Cuban Missile Crisis) took place many decades ago and points to recent opinion polls showing that 60% of the US population favors normalizing relations.

A shift in policy is even supported by a majority of both Cuban-Americans and Latinos in Florida, said the editorial.

While noting that there are “real issues” to address including the continuing imprisonment of US citizen Alan Gross and human rights on the island, the Times stressed, “But there are sound political and economic reasons to support normalization.”

The daily further stated that the rift with Cuba puts the United States “at odds with many of our hemispheric allies and perpetuates the image of the US as an overbearing neighbor.”




6 thoughts on “L.A. Times Editorial Favors Renewed US-Cuba Relations

  • It could also be argued that things started changing in the Soviet Union after the nuclear arms agreements were signed and after Reagan realised how counter-productive his Armageddon rhetoric was and started dealing with the Soviets on the basis of engagement and detente. But do you really think that forcing Cuba to collapse would have been a good thing? Russia fell into ten years of economic decline and was taken over by organized crime, prostitution and street violence. Yugoslavia collapsed into ethnic conflict and murder. Is that what you have planned for Cuba.

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