LGBT Activists Present Demands to Gov.

HAVANA TIMES — Members of the “Men’s Group for Diversity,” which is part of the National Centre for Sex Education (CENESEX), on Saturday urged the Cuban government to pass legislation regarding their sexual rights.

A statement was read in the morning before a crowd of people celebrating World Day Against Homophobia at the Pavilion Cuba expo center here in the capital city. Later, that same declaration was again released by the Critical Observatory Network during an action organized in solidarity with the world 15-M Movement.

One of the paragraphs in the statement read: “We support and urge discussion and approval by the appropriate government bodies of a draft Family Code, on gender identity and any other legal norms that progressively incorporates other rights, including all opportunities for unions between same-sex couples, including marriage for those who wish, as well as the right to adoption.”

Pending since 2008, a proposal to amend the Family Code (including the legalization of consensual unions between same-sex couples) has been sitting before the Cuban parliament, though they have failed to take action on it.