Limited private access to Internet in Cuba

HAVANA  TIMES, Oct. 1— Only 2.9 per cent of the persons who were surveyed said they had been able to have direct access to the Internet in the last year and the majority used that service at their study or workplaces, according to a report published by the National Office of Statistics (ONE). The sample, according to which only 5.9 per cent had access from their homes, was carried out between February and April 2010 in some 38,000 Cuban homes, reported IPS.

8 thoughts on “Limited private access to Internet in Cuba

  • A tourist or student can bring their personal computer without any problem.

  • Yes, no problem bringing any type of personal computer.

  • I also would like to know if you are able to bring in an iMac into Cuba. I am going to be going for a six month period with my daughter, and have her at home school program course outline and learning materials on it. I know that they have very strict rules on what they allow and do not allow.

    Anyone with any experience?

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