Maduro Arrives in Cuba to Deliver a Donation

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, Cuba’s main political and economic ally, arrived by surprise Thursday night in Havana. Photo: Estudios Revolucion

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro arrived in Cuba at midnight Thursday to personally hand over a donation towards rebuilding the damages caused by Hurricane Irma, dpa reported.

Maduro was received at the runway at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana by Cuban President Raul Castro, accompanied by Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, according to images released by the official newspaper “Granma.”

Maduro’s visit came three days after US President Donald Trump criticized the Venezuelan and Cuban governments during a speech at United Nations headquarters in New York.

Maduro’s last visit to the island was in August when he paid tribute to the late Cuban President Fidel Castro. Maduro is the president who most visits Havana.

The passing of hurricane Irma along the northern coast of the island left 10 people dead and serious damage to homes and infrastructure in numerous provinces including the capital.

Venezuela, an oil rich country but in severe economic crisis, was the first country to send aid to Cuba, which has also received aid from Spain, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Colombia and China.

10 thoughts on “Maduro Arrives in Cuba to Deliver a Donation

  • And Canada.

  • It’s called Sweden.

  • Capitalism is not perfect, but it has lifted more people out of poverty in the real world than any other system. Remember there’s no Utopia. Try to read my book. Blessings.

  • Right on!

  • At the other end of the spectrum, it can also be argued that capitalism creates more cases of real poverty than socialism creates wealth. I’m not suggesting that socialism on it’s own is the answer, nor is full blown capitalism the answer. A blend of the two, each for their inherent positive benefits, is undoubtedly a winning combination.

  • For all of capitalism’s many flaws, it has lifted more people out of poverty than socialism.

  • Would I be correct in saying that you think Capitalism works in the real world?

  • The photo of Maduro and Castro together reminds me of the 8-track player I had in my car in high school. They are an idea whose time has come and gone. Socialism doesn’t work in the real world. Cuba and Venezuela are prime examples of this point.

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