Magazine Defenda Cuban Archbishop

HAVANA TIMES — The magazine Espacio Laical (Lay Space), in its latest editorial, is defending the “orderly and gradual transformation of national order” as proposed by Cardinal Jaime Ortega, while rejecting positions of exclusivity held by certain social actors on the island.

According to the article, the work of the Archbishop of Havana “has surpassed ecclesiastical work” to develop “a comprehensive agenda of dialogue” which has included “many citizens, intellectuals, academics and groups from civil society.”

The statement also rejected positions that are often “characterized by criticizing, condemning and attempting to destroy, without offering clear and universal plans for the destiny of the nation,” as well as authorities “who do not consider the possibility of managing transformation policies directed at channeling the existing plurality of the nation.”

The involvement of Cardinal Ortega in 2010 resulted in the subsequent release of a large number of political prisoners on the island several months later.