Marabana Marathon 2010 Latest Info.

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 15 — A HT reader wrote in that she was having difficulties getting information for registration in the upcoming Marabana Marathon in the Cuban capital this Sunday.  Here’s the question and our answer:

Question: I have been attempting to use the email address on the website to get answers to my questions concerning the Marabana Havana Marathon set for November 21st.  I have not received any information.  What I would like to know is:

When and where do I register and what is the cost for each marathon?

What time is the start of the 10 k and 5 k?

Is there an online map to preview these routes.

Here’s the best we could do:

Answer: In a phone consultation with Carlos Gattorno, director of Havana’s Marabana, he explained that registration for all events for the 2010 Marabana can be done in Havana on Thursday, November 18th, Friday, November 19th, and Saturday, November 20th. It is not possible to register on the day of Marabana itself, which is Sunday, November 21st.

Registration takes place in Sala Polivalente “Kid Chocolate”, an indoor sports arena located directly across the street from the Capitolio on Paseo de Prado between San Martín and Dragones in Centro Habana. Registration takes place from 8am to 6pm.

The cost for registering for each marathon is CUC 60, which includes access to Cuba’s medical system, if necessary, during the marathons, awards and a pullover.

The starting time for all marathons is the same – 7am.

An online map of the route can be found in the official website of Marabana at

An online map of the route can be found in the official website of Marabana at

The head offices of Marabana are located in Ciudad Desportiva, a large sports complex located in the municipality of Cerro. To call Marabana, the phone number is (537) 641-0911

To communicate by email with the head office of Marabana, the address is

[email protected]

In the subject line, note the following:

Atención: Carlos Gattorno, director de Marabana

Finally, if you wish to contact the official agency for Marabana (and other Cuban sports), the website is Cubadeportes S.A. at

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  • Love the picture with EL GALLO DE MORON. I also want to say there is Straight Bus from ASTROS Bus terminal in Havana City, HAV-MORON-HAV for 20 cuban pesos and there is always stright flight from Canada to Cayo Coco International Airport, Moron is the first town from Cayo Coco 1hour or 45 min by car.

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