March “Cold” Front in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, March 3 — While the temperatures might seem idyllic to northerners trying to escape the cold winter, for Cubans the next five days will mean a new cold front to start off March.

The Cuban Meteorological Institute says the high temperature in the capital on Wednesday will only reach 20 Celsius (68 F) with a low of 16 (60 F).

Heavy cloud cover is expected on Wednesday and partly cloudy the rest of the week.  On Thursday the forecast calls for 19/14, on Friday, 18/13, on Saturday, 17/12, and on Sunday, 18/12.

The Institute predicts that the high temperatures in eastern Santiago de Cuba will average 6 Celsius (10 F) above the Havana temperatures throughout the week.

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  • Wrap up warm, Cuba.

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