March in L.A. against Cuban Gov.

Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia. Photo: wikipedia commons

HAVANA TIMES, March 29 — Thousands marched in Los Angeles, California on Sunday to demand the freedom of political prisoners and respect for human rights in Cuba, reported IPS.

The protest was led by Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia and received support from Cuba by the famous blogger Yoani Sanchez.

2 thoughts on “March in L.A. against Cuban Gov.

  • Good to get an eyewitness account, so we can objectively see how the imperialist mass-propaganda media blows things completely out of proportion as it suits them. Goebbels couldn’t come close to this polished lot. In any case: I’m sure the imperialist war-propaganda machine will get even *more* people out to march for the bombing of Iran; & then the bombing of China/Russia. Of course, people won’t be marching when these other countries *return* the favor…

    It is so easy to manipulate people, as the imperialists well-know. They also know very well that most people believe the 1st thing they hear: which is why they always strike 1st, hard & fast. The truth is irrelevant to the situation — because it is a fact that people suffering an information vacuum latch onto the 1st thing that comes by. This is a main reason why they spy on us so much: so as to be able to always pre-empt & co-opt what we will say & do — & then flip it & broadcast it 1st, thru their propaganda organs.

  • THOUSANDS? Puhleeze! I was present and that figure is completely untrue.

    Local television here in Los Angeles said HUNDREDS not thousands marched:,0,2447975.story

    The Los Angeles Times repeated KTLA’s estimate of HUNDREDS, as well:,0,4460192.story

    Since I live in Los Angeles, I was able to observe the demonstration from my
    car as I drove past it at 3 PM. It was set for 2-5 PM. It looked like a thousand
    to me, but “THOUSANDS”? or 3-5 THOUSAND as the Miami Herald wrote?
    absolutely NOT.

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