Marriott Hotels Told by Trump to Exit Cuba

The Cuban Army’s Four Points Hotel, run for four years by the Marriott Corporation.

HAVANA TIMES – Marriott Hotels beat the Trump Empire entering in Cuba, taking advantage during the opening created by the Obama government during the US-Cuban rapprochement. Now the Trump administration is telling them to get out or else, reported Reuters on Friday.

Marriott runs the Four Points Hotel since mid-2016 which is owned by Gaviota, a Cuban military tourism conglomerate. 

The US hotel chain was going to also manage the landmark Hotel Inglaterra, but that will no longer be possible.

“We have recently received notice that the government-issued license will not be renewed, forcing Marriott to cease operations in Cuba,” a company spokeswoman told Reuters.  She said that managing the Four Points would have to end by August 31.

The announcement comes on the heals of the US government’s decision to make considerably harder sending family remittances to the island.  The details of the clamping down on money transfers and wires are expected to be released on June 12th by the US Treasury Department.

Travel by US citizens to Cuba, while not impossible, was made harder by the Trump administration, which has cut back on flights allowed, both commercial and charter, and closed down the option of cruise ships docking in Cuba.

With Florida a key state in the upcoming November 2020 presidential elections, the Trump team sees taking a hardline stance on Cuba as a way to lure votes from the large exile community there.

11 thoughts on “Marriott Hotels Told by Trump to Exit Cuba

  • I’m surprised that Raul and Co. didn’t try to buy Trump off with a hotel and golf course.

  • It is certain that Churchill initially preferred one of the ‘alternatives’ but the choice was taken out of his hands before he made the statement that you quote. ‘Events’ had taken any choice in the matter out of the hands of those who had ruled unopposed for centuries.
    The democracy that was subsequently established in the U.K. was wrenched bit by bit from the likes of Churchill and other landed gentry of his ilk.
    It was not bestowed upon the grateful masses like some ribboned gift. Those old aristocrats never chose to hand over any of their wealth and power. Democracy was a begrudged compromise deemed necessary in order to head off any possibility of a ‘proletariat uprising’ as had occurred in Russia.
    They weren’t going to risk any of that ‘off with their heads’ business going on in the U.K.
    They took the the long view:
    It’s a better option than Communism so let’s give this damn democracy game a run for a few years and sooner or later we’ll figure out a way round it……..

    Regarding trump, I would agree to a large extent.
    He may be a mentally ill narcissist, but he’s a mentally ill narcissist with an election to win. No matter how much help he gets from his buddy, Putin…..
    No matter to what degree of success the ‘Voter Suppression Task Force’ has……
    He’s still gotta win some votes.
    He doesn’t necessarily need more votes than his rival, but like last time, he needs get to get close enough to sneak to win.

  • Hey Nick! You missed a point, Marriott is a PROFITABLE hotel chain, subject to Federal taxation laws. Ought you to clarify your rather broad comment about “Democracy?” by describing the type?

    Trump is I think anti-democratic, being of his nature autocratic and vainly seeking dictatorship. Bring in the military! Dominate! Expressed admiration for Xi, Putin, and Kim and cringing in submission in their presence, only to emerge later to say they are “friends of mine” writing “beautiful” letters – the contents of which he can’t disclose.


  • As Churchill pointed out, democracy has a lot of faults, but is far preferable to the alternatives.

  • hes not a human……

  • He may, in the eyes of many, be fat, ugly and in the habit of displaying limitless ignorance…….
    But in this instance he’s covering two bases:
    His advisors have informed him that this move may help him to win Florida.
    But if he loses Florida and loses the election, at least he has scored a hit against a rival hotel chain.


    Doncha just love it??

  • I wonder if Trump would prefer his hotel chain and golf courses in Cuba instead.

    He is a fat, ugly and ignorant human.

  • End The Blockade Against Cuba. The problem is tRump will never End The Blockade Against Cuba. ??

  • Mr Broughton yes I heard that to and the Marriott whispered This fool doesn’t understand that I do not care the suffering of the Cuban people I just want profit

  • I hope Marriott tells Trump to take a long walk off a short pier.

  • I am sorry. I’ m far away from a heavy weight fight. At the age of 70 I at times don’t feel like even standing in the stands. No cheers !

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