May Day Parade in Cuba Supports Gov. Economic Policies

and demands greater worker efficiency

HAVANA TIMES — Tens of thousands of Cubans marched today in Havana on International Workers Day in support of the Raul Castro government’s calls for greater economic efficiency, reported dpa news.

“Unleash and augment the reserves of efficiency, productivity, discipline and control are the only guarantee to preserve our social achievements,” said Ulises Guillarte, secretary general of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC), the only trade union allowed on the island.

Guilarte’s intervention was the only speech early Thursday at the Revolution Square in Havana , which was attended by Cuban President Raul Castro.

Raul Castro and other leaders presiding over the May Day parade.

Before the start of the parade, the union leader said that the massive presence at the rally “is a genuine expression of reaffirmation” of support for the government and sends a “message to the world of unity and unwavering support for the revolution.”

The CTC requested support for the Castro administration’s economic reforms, which include offering greater initiative to private management, cooperatives and the authorization of purchase and sale of homes and vehicles.


Cuba May 1st Workers Parade in Pictures


22 thoughts on “May Day Parade in Cuba Supports Gov. Economic Policies

  • May 9, 2014 at 5:24 am

    Neither does the United Kingdom. The pubic holiday is the first Monday in May. And how about Saudi-Arabia? Neither is it a public holiday in Israel or Cuban socialisms best mate Iran. The list is near endless. I would say just under half the countries in the world celebrate 1 May as a public holdiday.
    John, I always read your comments with great interest but to you and Moses the world no longer revolves around the United States of America.

  • May 4, 2014 at 11:36 pm


    Grin….wriggling like a worm on a hook, aren’t you? Kinda’ regretting that snotty remark of “Obviously, you haven’t studied the actual events” you injected into this thread yet? [smile]

    Anyway, in light of your posts, I’m sure no one here expects you to waste any time out of the “sunshine” actually researching a topic before you blow on it. After all, it’s much more efficient for a bloke like you to SIMPLY MAKE THINGS UP, isn’t it?

    You got caught being dishonest, “emagic”. Now, you can either deal with that fact like a man, or as a sniveling coward. So far, at least, it seems you’ve inclined toward the latter.

  • May 4, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Visit all the websites you list? Are you nuts? I don’t spend my life in a rec. room, study, or basement taping away. What would be the purpose? You can always find the “facts” to support your thesis (i.e. that the Haymarket martyrs were terrorists, and not workingmen trying to make a better life for themselves, their society–through supporting the 8-hour workday–and their families.) Actually, I spent most of today far more productively: preparing my garden and flower beds for planting. Tap away in the darkened den, watching the flickering shaddows…if you climbed out into the sunlight you’d be blinded!

  • May 4, 2014 at 12:07 pm


    And all that has “what” to do with your claim? [smile!]

    Sorry, Sport, but I’m not out to ” to disprove the innocence of the Haymarket Martyrs”….history will deal with that. What I *HAVE* done, however, is prove that you’re a dishonest “information” broker. Face it; you’ve demonstrated right here on this thread that NOTHING you have to say should be taken at face value.

    Which, come to think of it, is right in line with your claim of…

    “The ruling class was so fearful of this day that they arranged the armistice ending World War I to fall on that date, thus co-opting the worker’s holiday”

    One wonders; where did you pick up THAT little nugget of “information”? [grin!]

    Anyway, have a good one! And keep ’em coming! Nothing I like better than watching someone demonstrate just how void he and his cause are of knowledge, ethics, and integrity.


    P.S. – I take it that you DIDN’T really go through the sites I sourced. Otherwise, you wouldt have noticed (as I mentioned earlier) that the authorities connected the bomb thrown with those in Lingg’s place via chemical analysis. You might also have read about the meeting Lingg and others held the night before the bombing regarding the setting-off of bombs…as testified by Lingg’s landlord and one who was invited by Lingg to deal with the boms.

    “All Hail The Myth”, ‘eh “emagic”? [smile]

  • May 4, 2014 at 10:26 am

    If you actually go to some of the sites you cite, such as Wikipedia, you will see that although “bomb making materials were found” at the residence of one of the martyrs, these were never connected to bomb which was thrown; also, the person or persons who threw the bomb were never found; there were a whole string of suspects, but no definitive proof (though several claimed to have thrown it, or their relatives or friends claimed they were the bomb-makers and bomb-throwers. All of these folks, of course, were never executed, though some were briefly arrested, then released, and in some cases, fled the U.S.)
    That you would spend so much time trying to disprove the innocence of the Haymarket Martyrs only proves your political bona fides, that of a right winger. The violence visted upon the police was infinitismal compared to that by the state and their servants, the police,visited upon the labor movement from the 1860’s through the 1930’s.

  • May 3, 2014 at 3:50 pm


    I’ll give you this; you’re right on a couple of things. First, it *IS* pointless of you to continue trying to dispute “my” facts…simply because they ARE facts, and it’s obvious you aren’t armed with any of your own to refute them.

    Secondly, you’re right in that the only direct source i quoted was that “paid academic and idelogical hack of the right” who went by the name of “Howard Zinn”. He was a real “right wing” Luddite, wasn’t he? My apologies! [grin]

    But, in hopes that you’ll forgive me for providing sources late, I present the following.

    Perhaps you can peruse them and determine just how each and every one of them are the musings of “paid academics” and “ideological hacks of the right” [put another “grin” here!]

    On the other hand, and with that in mind, you *CAN* source your “factual” claim of…

    “Several years later, the Governor of Illinois commuted the sentences of those still in alive (who hadn’t already been hung), and apologized for the gross miscarriage of justice”

    …can’t you?

    After all, it’s not like you’d simply LIE about such a thing now, is it? [smile] And, of course it couldn’t be a simple mistake because you made such a big deal of how someone ELSE hadn’t “studied the actual events”, right? [snicker].

    Sorry “emagic”, but you lied and you got caught. Whether is was simple ignorance,on your part, or a deliberate choice to attempt to mislead is really not all that important in light of your “obviously” assertion.

    Perhaps next time you’ll actually take some time to INFORM yourself on a topic before you go blowing on it. Here’s a hint; the Pablum you’re spoon-fed by your compadres in the “Peoples Republic”, or in the workers paradise down south may not be all that credible.

    Reality is reality. Deal with it.

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