Mexican Farmers Storm Dam That Diverts Water to USA

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Thousands of farmers stormed a dam in Mexico’s northern border state of Chihuahua Tuesday. They used firebombs, sticks and rocks to drive back National Guard soldiers. Then the Guard opened fire with tear gas and live ammunition, killing two protesters.

The farmers are demanding Mexico stop diverting water to the United States from the La Boquilla Dam, which they say has left them unable to irrigate their crops amid a searing drought.

This is Abel Alvarado, one of the protesters.

Abel Alvarado: “It is a reaction from citizens who are defending their homeland. Water is everyone’s heritage. Water doesn’t belong to anyone. Water is for everyone in Chihuahua, for all Mexicans.”

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One thought on “Mexican Farmers Storm Dam That Diverts Water to USA

  • The US demand for water is ever increasing with agriculture being prominent. Aquifers have been steadily drained, and now climate change is adding to the problem. I recall a very wise man – the late Premier Peter Lougheed of Alberta, expressed the view forty years ago, that Alberta’s fresh water would outweigh the value of its huge oil reserves in the future.
    The US will become increasingly dependent upon its neighbours – who will have to determine priorities.

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