Millions Rally for Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Anid Fears of Trump-Like Insurrection

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Brazil, millions of supporters of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro are expected to take to the streets today on Brazil’s Independence Day, triggering fears from opponents of potential chaos and violence. Ahead of the massive marches, over 150 lawmakers, academics and former government officials from around the world wrote a letter saying they fear Bolsonaro and allies — which include white supremacist groups and military police — may be seeking to instigate a Trump-like insurrection or a military coup.

Polls show more than half of Brazilians wouldn’t vote for Bolsonaro in next year’s election. The letter read in part, “The people of Brazil have struggled for decades to secure democracy from military rule. Bolsonaro must not be permitted to rob them of it now.”

Meanwhile, a ruling from the Brazilian Supreme Court is expected soon on a case that could determine if thousands of Brazil’s Indigenous people can reclaim ancestral lands stolen from them.

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