Murillo Announces a Campaign of “Blessings” at Sites Where Protests Took Place

Rosario Murillo, Nicaragua’s first lady, vice-president, and the only government spokesperson and coordinator. Photo: Jorge Torres, EFE / Confidencial


“We will work closely with all pastors, churches and religious [evangelical] leaders,” says the spokesperson and Vice President, without specifying which groups they are.


By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – The wife of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega and vice president of the country, Rosario Murillo, announced this week that they have begun to develop a “blessing campaign” in those places “where there was conflict” in the framework of the protests against the dictatorship, which started in April 2018.

“We are developing a lot of blessing activities in different places of our country,” Murillo informed through official media.

She said that in Managua they have located 224 points where they will do “anointing and blessing activities.”

“We will work closely with all pastors, churches and religious [evangelical] leaders,” in order to “raise our prayers to the Almighty to continue fighting all the battles,” she said.

Since last April 18, Nicaragua has experienced a sociopolitical crisis that has left 325 confirmed dead, more than 600 political prisoners, hundreds of disappeared, thousands of wounded and tens of thousands in exile, according to national and international humanitarian organizations.

President Ortega denies that there are political prisoners, calling all the detainees “common criminals.”

Forum of “Love, peace and solidarity” with Nicaragua

Murillo also announced that people from 20 countries will participate in the IV Forum of Love, Peace and Solidarity with Nicaragua, in the midst of the sociopolitical crisis to which his Government has responded with a vicious repression.

In the forum, which is taking place Thursday and Friday, 48 people will participate, among them “intellectuals, personalities, artists and peace activists,” she said to official media.

“They come to demonstrate their loving and active solidarity of peoples of the world,” expressed Murillo, wife of the country’s president, Daniel Ortega, without specifying any names.

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