Mysterious Diplomat Sickness in Cuba Reaches Canadian Courts

Canadian diplomats sue their government over delay in their evacuation from Cuba
after the supposed attacks

The Canadian Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Desmond Boylan / AP

HAVANA TIMES – Five Canadian diplomats and nine family members have filed a joint lawsuit against their government for its alleged responsibility in the health problems they have been dragging since their recent stay in Cuba. It Havana they had suffered alleged sonic attacks that also affected dozens of US personnel, reported Europa Press.

The main complaint has to do with the leisurely reaction of the Canadian authorities, slower than that of the US authorities. The United States decided to withdraw all non-essential diplomatic personnel in September 2017, but Canada did not do so until April 2018, and then only voluntarily, and it wasn’t until January of this year that it evacuated half of its staff.

Those affected by the so-called “Havana syndrome” are suing for 28 million dollars in compensation from the Government. “During the crisis, Canada minimized the seriousness of the situation and hid key health information and gave false, deceptive or incomplete information to the diplomatic staff,” reads the complaint, obtained by the public broadcaster CBC.

The complainants, part of whom continue to work for the Canadian Foreign Ministry, have assured that they still suffer the consequences of the attacks suffered, of which no clear details have been revealed despite the investigations launched by the affected countries in recent months.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has confirmed meetings with diplomats and family members, although she has avoided commenting on the suit. She has said, however, that she is “very worried” about the people affected and has offered her support.

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One thought on “Mysterious Diplomat Sickness in Cuba Reaches Canadian Courts

  • Does’t it seem strange that as soon as President Trump enterd the White House that this mysterious illness occurred? Whilst the USA was trying to overthrow the the 1959 Revolution of Cuba, the Canadian Governments stood by them. Would the Cubans now display ingratitude to Canada by introducing all types of illnesses to their Diplomats? The Cubans have never been known as Ingrates!
    The question posed is, are the Diplomatic Embassies of the USA and Canada on the same compound? If not, how come that these two neighbours Embassies are affected? Is the USA putting pressure on Canada to close their Embassy there? Didn’t Cuba invite the USA to help them investigate the causes of these sudden illnesses? Did the USA consent to do so? Was the USA experimenting on something and it turned against them? You just cannot put anyhing above them?
    How come it is only the Embassies of these two closely joined countries who are neighbours, are affected? Something definitely does not sound right. Prove Cuba to be wrong. Join forces with them and investigate those serious incidents of illnesses. One cannot forget the Gulf of Tonkin Incident of August 2, 1964 which gave the USA the pretext of attacking North Vietnam and entering the Vietnam War!

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