New Cuba Council of State Members

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 21 – The Cuban parliament elected seven new members to the 31-member Council of State, Cuba’s top governing body, on Sunday.  Two were elected to vice president’s status, Ramiro Valdes Menendez, also the Minister of Communications and Informatics and VP of the Council of Ministers, and Gladis Bejerano Portela, the recently appointed Cuban Comptroller.

The other five new Council of State members are Rep. Liudmila Alamo Duenas, first secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communists League;  Rep. Isis Angelina Diez Duardo, vice president of the Provincial Administration Council of Las Tunas;  Rep. Kirenia Diaz Burke, a specialist at the Finlay Institute;  Rep. Marino Alberto Murillo Jorge, Minister of Economy and Planning,  and Rep. Sergio Juan Rodriguez Morales, head of the National Tropical Food Research Center.

See photos of the new Council of State members.