New Photos of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro con el presentador Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela. Foto: VTV/

HAVANA TIMES – The official site published Tuesday a series of photos of a “personal encounter” between a political analyst and host of a TV program in Venezuela and former Cuban President Fidel Castro.

The report emphasizes the good health and lucidity of the senior advisor of his brother Raul Castro’s government.

“Vigorous, healthy, lucid, intelligent, on top of countless numbers and measures, names and situations that leave anyone speechless,” said Miguel Angel Perez Pirela, referring to the four-hour visit he made to Castro in Havana on March  31, noted

“Without a doubt, he’s one of the most intelligent human beings ever born in Latin America and humanity,” said Perez Pirela, reporting that Fidel listened to sound advice and analysis on Venezuela, Latin America and the world, at a time when Venezuelans are still in pain and sadness at the passing of Chavez.

Venezuela holds presidential elections this Sunday April 14 to replace Hugo Chavez. The main candidates are Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s hand-picked successor, and Henrique Capriles the opposition coalition candidate who lost to Chavez 55-44% in the October 7, 2012 elections.

See all the photographs here.

2 thoughts on “New Photos of Fidel Castro

  • Interesting that Fidel can meet with all these people for hours, but cannot address his own people LIVE since he “stepped” down! Very odd I should say!

  • To me, Fidel will always remain the fiery 30-ish orator who dared to challenge US hegemony in Latin America and beyond. His 6-hour speeches and olive-green uniforms are emblematic of the terms “banana-republic” and “dictator”. What’s interesting is that to my Cuban-American children, Fidel is a bent-over old man, barely intelligible, dressed in warm-up suits. Understandably, the longer he lives, the more decrepit he appears and the more likely his legacy will fade from Latin American strongman to puttering ol’ guy in adult diapers. Worse still, he may just live long enough to see all the harm he caused Cuba as well as most of the good, come undone under his brother’s tepid reforms and the decay of socialism in Cuba. That, more than anything, would be just punishment for the ‘Beast from Biran’.

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