New Requirements for Travelers to Cuba as of Jan. 23

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Cuba implements digital form for in advance visitors Customs declarations as well as personal and flight information

By El Toque

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government will require, as of January 23, 2023, a digital customs declaration for travelers entering the country. The declaration is part of a more extensive digital form (which also contains immigration and health information) that will be mandatory for visitors, both Cubans and

The digital form called D’ VIAJEROS ―which had been on test since November 2022― was definitively implemented by the Ministry of Transportation. The form is intended to replace the old paper affidavit format that passengers arriving in Cuba must fill out.

The questions on the form are designed to obtain advance information from those who need to enter Cuba and must be completed 48 hours before the trip in order to be shown, in the form of a QR code, to the airline and border authorities. The form can be accessed thr:

D’ VIAJEROS demands a series of mandatory data and other things of an optional nature. In its filling out, the visitor will find five sections: one is Customs; another to provide general information (name, surname, gender -it only allows you to choose between male and female-, country of birth, residence and travel document or passport); another for immigration information (arrival date, flight number, point of entry to Cuba and reasons for the trip); another for health data related to COVID-19; and finally the declaration of veracity of the data, which warns that “any omission or inaccuracy violates the provisions of the Cuban authorities.”

Changes in Customs regulations: personal baggage and parcel shipment

Back on August 15, 2022, new measures for the non-commercial importation and shipment of packages to Cuba entered into force. What are the main changes with the new requirements?

After filling out the online form, the site will generate a QR code that will be sent to the email that the passenger provides to the system. The traveler must keep the code in print or on their phone, since the airline’s representatives will request it prior to boarding and, in Cuba, the immigration and customs authorities will request it after arrival.

Cuban Customs approved the use of D’ VIAJEROS to collect the information that the institution needs from each person who enters the country. In the regulations, the institution agreed that the customs declaration, contained in D’ VIAJEROS, will also be available in paper format when the visitor does not have, for some reason, the online form.

The data that will be required on a mandatory basis are: the passenger’s general data, the airline flight data and the list of items to be imported, equipment or others, their quantity and value, and if they have technical authorization from the Ministry of Communications to import telecommunications equipment.

The amount of foreign currency that is brought in is also declared, but only if the amount exceeds five thousand dollars or other currencies or equivalent payment instruments. The possession of weapons of any kind, ammunition, drugs or substances with a similar effect, live animals, equipment or components for wireless telecommunications, products of animal or vegetable origin, articles for commercial purposes, cultural goods and pornography must be declared.

In a press conference, covered by the Cuban News Agency, directors of Cuban Aviation, Customs and the Ministries of Public Health and Tourism specified that the new platform will “facilitate and improve the experience of travelers in their transit through immigration, customs, and public health services, contributes to health controls, reduces the exchange of documents with the authorities, and speeds up procedures at the different air terminals by providing advance information.”

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