New Rules for Tourism in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government passed stricter regulations for certain tourism activities taking place in the country, including diving and recreational water activities, reported Café Fuerte.

The three decisions of the Ministry of Tourism, primarily aimed at international tourism, are intended to “systematically update the Cuban tourist product,” said the minister Manuel Marrero during the opening of the Tourism Fair held in Havana last week.

The document lists the tourism products linked to nature, adventure, ecology, rural environment and farm work.

As for diving, it is strictly prohibited for those people under 15 and those above that age who do not have recognized certification from schools or organizations. Exceptions are made in cases of training courses accompanied by their instructor.

The new legal structure also includes a waiver of liability, and release forms for the staff and facility in the case of incidents that cause harm to tourists.

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  • Terrific. Another forward change from the New Cuba! NOT!!!

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