Newsweek Asks about Cuba Policy

HAVANA TIMES, Aug 2 – The upcoming August 17 issue of Newsweek magazine asks the question of what’s happening with the supposed new Cuba policy touted by the Obama administration.   After first mentioning foot dragging, the publication also cites a State Deptartment source as saying the change may be deeper than expected.

“It’s been about four months since President Obama announced looser restrictions on travel and sending money to Cuba.  But they haven’t gone into effect yet, the Treasury Department told Newsweek.   So what’s the holdup?”

The magazine notes the influence of what it calls the “Cuba lobby” in Congress and red tape in slowing down the process.

Meanwhile, it speculates, based on declarations from an anonymous State Department official, that behind the scenes movement continues.  The official notes: “There are discussions going on, and some new things have been put on the table.”