Nicaragua: Kidnapped Young People Appear at the Cathedral and a Hospital

Student leader Zaida Hernandez shortly after her release. Photo: courtesy


University leader Zayda Hernandez and Gustavo Mendez, 18

The Ortega government denied that it had committed the kidnappings. The young people showed signs of physical and psychological abuse

By Wilfredo Miranda Aburto  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – Student leader Zayda Hernandez appeared Sunday night with signs of abuse on her body. The young woman was kidnapped since Friday, abducted in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Managua, when she went to attend a protest for the murder Thursday of political prisoner Eddy Montes Praslin.

It was on the grounds of the same cathedral where the captors left Hernandez at about 6:30 pm on Sunday, according to Father Luis Herrera, rector of the metropolitan temple.

Hernandez did not give statements to the media. She appeared to be in shock, nervous and dazed. Neither her relatives nor the priest nor Zaida revealed who left her at the cathedral, whether they were policemen or paramilitaries.

“I never knew where my daughter was, but I did have confidence in God and until now I received a call that my daughter had been delivered,” said the mother of the university leader. “I’ve had hard moments, bitter and difficult moments, but I never lost faith in the Lord to give me an answer.”

Rector Herrera only said that Hernandez was left at the west gate of the cathedral. They left her with her hands tied with plastic ties, which cut her circulation.

Ortega government denies “disappearances”

Almost at the same moment in which they freed Hernandez, the dictatorship circulated a statement entitled “about missing persons” denying the kidnapping of the university leader.

“We denounce this new and unoriginal defamatory campaign based, as always, on lies. We also denounce the so-called “false positives” that seek to encourage negative reactions against Nicaragua and the supreme interest of Nicaraguan families, who have the right to live with tranquility, joy, peace and work,” said the Ortega government.

An hour later, the police also issued a press release inviting the university leader to “file a complaint”.

“We have just heard statements made by a lady who said she had been kidnapped and beaten,” said the police. “The National Police, fulfilling its functions established in Law 872, invites that person to file a formal complaint with this authority and also make a formal declaration that allows the relevant investigations to be initiated.”

Gustavo Mendez

The young man Gustavo Mendez, 18, also appeared. The teenager was kidnapped the same day as Hernandez at the cathedral. The Nicaraguan University Alliance denounced that Mendez was taken to the Manolo Morales hospital to receive medical attention due to the beating he received.

“He appeared at the Manolo Morales hospital; wounded, almost unable to walk and guarded by the Police after they had denied his arrest,” insisted the student organization.

University activist Dolly Mora, a member of the Civic Alliance, denounced on her social networks that profiles associated with the government have threatened to also kidnap her.

After the murder of the political prisoner Eddy Montes and these latest kidnappings, the Civic Alliance will meet in full on Monday to evaluate its continuing at the currently stalled negotiating table.

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    The cynicism of the Ortega regime is well in line with the classic progressive view of distorting reality for their benefit. Denying what is obvious! The Nicaraguans know better, Mr. Ortega your days are numbered!

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