Nicaragua: Ortega Arrests More Opposition Candidates

Accuses the United States of meddling

Daniel Ortega is arresting any real election competition and holding them incommunicado. He says any “weaklings” opposed to his government are “coup mongers” paid by the disrespectful Yankees.

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Nicaragua, another presidential candidate has been arrested as President Daniel Ortega continues to crack down on his opposition ahead of the November election. At least seven presidential hopefuls have been apprehended since June. Almost two dozen journalists and opposition activists have also been detained under a “treason” law.

Ortega has long justified the arrests, saying he’s only targeting people suspected of planning a coup against his government. On Monday, Ortega accused the U.S. government of trying to undermine the political process in Nicaragua.

President Daniel Ortega: “The Yankees have no respect. For them, elections are only valid when their weaklings win, who they put up as candidates. So, if the U.S. allies win, the election is good; if their weaklings don’t win, then the election is bad, and they do everything possible to destabilize the country, to destroy the country.”