Nicaragua Protest Art Exhibited in Berlin and Paris

“Glances of Resistance” is an exhibit of works by Nicaraguan artists

By Patricia Martinez G.  (Confidencial)

Illustration by Juan Garcia.

HAVANA TIMES – “Glances of Resistance” is an exhibition of protest art by Nicaraguan artists that was presented from October 19-21 at the Grand Marche Stalingrad Museum in Paris. The exhibition included works of art produced in the context of the socio-political crisis that the country is currently going through.

The idea of the exhibition originated from a group of “self-convoked” people in Germany, who were looking for other platforms and languages to inform the international community about what is happening in Nicaragua. “What emerged as an idea, a few weeks later became a reality with an exhibition in the creative heart of the city,” the organizers said.

For them it is important that the work of the artists be taken into account. “The work that students and professionals of the arts and design have developed has not only been abundant, but also crucial to keep the civic struggle alive,” stated one of the organizers of the event. That is why it is important that Nicaraguan art reaches numerous corners of the world.

Paris was the first city to host “Glances of Resistance” outside of Germany, after it was presented in Berlin and Cologne. The coordinators intend to take the exhibition to other cities and collaborate with people from other countries who have organized themselves to join the fight against the Ortega Government.

Most of the artists selected are Nicaraguans who reside inside or outside the country. Among the artists presented are photographers, designers, Illustrators, and others. The exhibition features more than 50 artists that were selected under a series of themes related to the crisis in Nicaragua.

This showing marked the beginning of a tour to other cities in the world, allowing Nicaraguan artists to inform internationally about what is happening in the country from their own trench: art.

Exhibition “Glances of Resistance,” in Berlin, Germany. Courtesy / Niú
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