Nicaragua Talks Suspended as Government Refuses to Address Key Issues

Ortega’s paramilitary forces are the symbol of his government’s attempt to squash any internal dissent.  Nothing has been done to dissarm them as Ortega agreed to do, to the contrary, they continue to operate.

HAVANA TIMES – Talks between the Nicaraguan government and opposition have been suspended after they failed to reach an agreement to end a year-long wave of political violence, reported dpa news.

The opposition umbrella group Civic Alliance will now give President Daniel Ortega’s government “time to think,” El Nuevo Diario daily quoted opposition representative Carlos Tuennermann as saying on Thursday.

Tuennermann spoke to the media after the expiration of a midnight deadline to seal a deal.

The Central American country has been in turmoil since April 18, 2018, when protests erupted against a social security reform.

The protests then widened to demand the resignation of Ortega.

At least 325 have been killed, thousands injured and tens of thousands forced in to exile as the government has cracked down and clashed with demonstrators.

Talks to break the deadlock were relaunched in late February. Last Friday, the government agreed to restore protest rights and to disarm pro-government armed groups. But the Police have nevertheless continued dispersing protest rallies and the paramilitary continue to act against unarmed citizens with total impunity.

The opposition says it will continue pushing for the government to release all of the 800+ political prisoners to total freedom, as it agreed, including the 150 currently under supervised house arrest with no rights. 

Ortega also rejects opposition demands for early elections and for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations to act as guarantors to agreements.

In addition, the government wants its own institutions rather than independent groups to investigate the political violence. That is, to have the same institutions accused of the violations investigating themselves.

2 thoughts on “Nicaragua Talks Suspended as Government Refuses to Address Key Issues

  • Ortega has gone beyond being a traitor to being a self loving counter revolutionary person and deserving on one hand 30 years in jail ( as is customary) and the firing squad as a treacherous capitalist who did a complete 180 and now is everything he had his fellow revolutionaries fight against. Castro & che executed for less.

    Maduro,Russia,China & Cuba must feel ashamed to help Ortega as he is going against the very system that encited all socialist. He deserves the firing squad as Castro and Che have executed friend & foe for a lot less. There has been no one that deserves death more. He betrayed the core cause of all revolutionaries, and in turn raped every nicaraguan. The frente Sandinista should remove him. They are just as guilty for allowing him to stain the sandinista name COWARDS.

  • is you peoples stupid? Dare is no real talks. Its all a fake. It is called a stall tactic. I know some of you done believe eveythin you are told. Butt dat aint the right thin to doo. As you is being lied to. Dere was never any real effort to change. Yious peoples aint too bright thinkin change would come. Its gonna be a dicatationships like always. Nica people voted a criminal into power. now dey live wit it. If you done dance with the devil you have to expect lots of pain. I hope you all have enough English to done read this.

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