Nicaragua to Buy 7 Million Doses of Cuban Vaccines

The three Cuban vaccines coming to Nicaragua.

VP Rosario Murillo announced that the first shipment containing 1.2 million doses of the Cuban-manufactured Soberana, Soberana 2 and Abdala vaccines is expected in the third week of October.

Por La Prensa

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaragua expects to receive a total of seven million doses of the Cuban Covid vaccines Soberana 2, Soberana Plus and Abdala, Rosario Murillo announced on Tuesday, October 5.

According to Murillo, who is both vice president and government spokesperson, the first shipment of at least 1.2 million doses is expected to arrive by the third week of October. Another two million doses of the Soberana 2, plus a million doses of Abdala, will arrive in November and the final vaccine shipments will arrive in December.

“At the end of December, the final 400,000 doses will be sent, making a total of 7 million doses expected between now and December,” asserted Murillo during her customary noon address.

Vaccines destined for children 2 to 17

The Cuban vaccines will be earmarked for the immunization of children and teens between 2 and 17 years old. Vaccinations for this age group are scheduled to begin on October 20. Up until now, neither Murillo nor the Health Ministry have issued any explanation of the characteristics and the effectiveness of these serums. This has led to a lot of uncertainty among the population, principally among parents of children in this age group.

Currently, the Cuban vaccines have been used in Iran, Vietnam and Venezuela, in addition to Cuba itself. Only the latter, however, has been vaccinating children and teens with the Soberana vaccine. The Center for State Control of Medications and Health Equipment and Implements, which regulates all health matters in Cuba, has only certified the Soberana vaccines for use in children, not the Abdala version.  

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4 thoughts on “Nicaragua to Buy 7 Million Doses of Cuban Vaccines

  • I had a great laugh at the comment by Nicholas Mochinski that: “Castro allocated his bank to medical research”. He did not say which Castro, but if he means Fidel and/or Raul, how does he explain the formation of RAFIN SA the principals of which were given as Raul (RA) and Fidel (FI) and which paid US$706 million for a 27% shareholding in ETECSA? Obviously, neither brother emptied their bank accounts for medical research, and Fidel in particular lacked for nothing with his two island retreat of Cayo Piedra, his yacht Aquarama II and his five house compound at Siboney (Google Earth 5 ta D Havana).

    Although I personally have benefitted from the abilities of Cuban doctors, it is fallacious to claim that none are better trained. But, perhaps Mr. Mochinski can illustrate his claim by describing the medical introductions that have occurred in Cuba since Dr. Carlos Juan Finlay discovered that Yellow Fever is transmitted by the mosquito. Finlay was born in Cuba in 1833 and graduated in medicine at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. USA. Cuba in consequence was eradicated in Cuba by the early 1900’s.

    It is correct that in turns of numbers, Cuba through the Latin American School of Medicine has trained well over 20,000 doctors, and statistically there is one doctor for every 150 Cubans. But they are used to provide contracted medical services for other countries and the revenue is the Cuban economy’s largest source of revenue – exceeding that of tourism.

    Children in Cuba from the age of two, have been vaccinated with Soberano 02 (I have nieces aged between 3 and 12) and my wife with Abdala which requires three injections at five week intervals.

  • Nicolas if you are so confident in the Cuban “vaccines” please show the clinical studies about their efficacy that were peer reviewed by independent/international bodies? So you can’t find any published studies and you are going to jab your children with those “vaccines”? Says a lot about you. What about the reported deaths post inoculation in Cuba? – the cuban government did not deny those deaths – does that not bother you? Can you be that much of a sycophant to not question? Canada gained lots when it lost you.

  • Cuba has been at the forefront of vaccine production since Castro allocated his bank to medical research. The real world knows there is no better trained doctor than a Cuban doctor. I am a Canadian living in Nicaragua and WILL give my children their vaccine!

  • Ortega already tried Interferon B, Desturkaa 2 and Echaverga B – all flops just like in Cuba! No one knows if the “miracle treatments” are simply saline or worse. We will know soon if the death toll of opposition folks being forced to take these vaccines increases.

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