Nicaraguan Exiles in New York Demand Freedom for the Political Prisoners

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A group of Nicaraguans in the United States held a protest in which they demand the departure of Ortega from power.


By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – A group of Nicaraguans living in New York joined the call of the Blue and White National Unity to sing songs in a sit-in that took place Saturday March 30th in Times Square.

The demonstrators joined the “national sit-in” to loudly shout songs alluding to the struggle for freedom in Nicaragua. The demonstrators approached passers-by to tell them about the repression that is currently being experienced in Nicaragua by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The protesters carried signs demanding the release of political prisoners. Courtesy | Confidential

A relative of Marcelo Mayorga, murdered by paramilitaries in the city of Masaya, expressed “we don’t want more murders, we don’t want more socialism, we don’t want more communism, we come from that country where we were sold that lie, we want a democratic country, we need democracy, we need freedom of expression, we need our political prisoners freed.”

“Ortega, wake up, your time has passed, Nicaragua is not your farm and the Nicaraguans are not your pawns, we want freedom,” he insisted.

In the sit-in another participant showed the marks on his body that were left when he was beaten by the police when he was arrested months before.

Some of the protesters wore blue suits, like those worn by the political prisoners. Courtesy | Confidential

When asked about her participation in the protest, one of the demonstrators made a “call to the Nicaraguans to continue resisting, part of this struggle is the resistance in Nicaragua as well as outside, the Nicaraguan diaspora has to continue speaking out. We want the sanctions to continue because it is the only way that this criminal Government can understand. We are also here to continue demanding the immediate liberation of the political prisoners.”

At the end of the sit-in the organizers reported that more activities will be taking place in New York City to “keep the spark lit for the freedom of Nicaragua.” Then they sang their country’s National Anthem, considered subversive by the Ortega government.

3 thoughts on “Nicaraguan Exiles in New York Demand Freedom for the Political Prisoners

  • I respect your opinion. In the U.S., we don’t generally beat up students and journalist when we arrest them. They aren’t tourtured in jail. There are claims of sever brutality towards these students, these prisoners. It’s important to help Americans understand the urgency thier families feel, and to demonstrate that left incarcerated, they are not safe.

  • Thank- you for recognizing the struggles of the Nicas. For not stigmatizing all Nicas as gangters. For recognizing most Nicas are living under a dictatorship that is traumatizing & stigmatizing most of their own youth…many college kids desiring the freedom to further their intellect to reach a path within in their own country.

  • you can see that the bruises are added to the image from a bad make up artist, i do not see the need for that , but takes away credibility to the story , bad move.

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