North Korean Leader Receives Cuban VP

Valdes y Kim
Salvador Valdes Mesa and Kim Jong Un

HAVANA TIMES — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received Salvador Valdes Mesa, one of Cuba’s six vice presidents, and his delegation, on Thursday in Pyongyang at the climax of the Valdes’ visit to the Asian country, reported the official Granma newspaper.

The two politicians, Kim Jong Un, who holds all the important posts in the North Korean government, and Valdes, the former head of Cuba’s only permitted union organization, “identified ways to expand exchanges of experiences and expressed their desire to deepen cooperation in all possible areas,” said Granma.

Kim explained the immediate tasks ahead for the Korean Workers Party, with “the strategic priority given to economic development to satisfy the needs of the Korean people together with the strengthening of the country’s defense faced with the constant threats from US imperialism and its allies.”

For his part, Valdes reaffirmed Cuba’s support to the peaceful and independent reunification of Korea and noted “the principled positions taken by Cuba in the process of normalizing relations with the United States.”


TOYS.  Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/

10 thoughts on “North Korean Leader Receives Cuban VP

  • Do I hear brays from the North?

  • Both countries struggle to feed themselves. Having enough “nappies” for children and especially the adult kind Fidel uses must be a real challenge.

  • Why are you not living in South Korea if it is such a utopian society? Well?

  • billionaires

  • My comments are practically writing themselves. The worse things get in these socialist countries, the easier it is to point it out. I ALMOST feel guilty.

  • What about the nappies Moses?

  • Cuba and North Korea? Talk about a room full of failed ideas.

  • Imagine Miguel Diaz-Canel bashing Kim Jong-un as a capitalist millionaire (just as the Chinese Ambassador to N. Korea bashed Kim il-Sung as a millionaire and therefore unfit to be a frugal communist during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution), because if he heard reports about starving kids in N. Korea while Kim Jong-un throws lavish festivities for the party and military, he would reaffirm the case for proclaiming Cuba the fairest society in all of the Third World.

  • I can’t wait to read Moses’ comments about dictators wearing nappies as illustrated in the cartoon.

  • Once again Manuel Guillen has drawn a wonderful cartoon.
    Obviously the Castro family regime admires and has much to learn from the Kim Jung Un the pallid paunchy third generation communist family dictator in North Korea. When Kim Jung Un’s father died, his uncle was a semi-guardian and adviser, but as a 29 year old Kim showed his metal and sentimental attachment by having him shot. Just as Fidel Castro sought to have a nuclear strike against the US, Kim Jung Un has nuclear ambitions and the history of his family is that such ambition is more important than hundreds of thousands of North Koreans dying of starvation – being like Cuba dependent upon importation of food.
    As recently as 2013, Panama impounded a Cuban ship passing through the Panama Canal supposedly with a cargo of sugar, but beneath which physical cover they unveiled military weapons and even a complete military aircraft destined for North Korea in defiance of the United Nations embargo. So the Castro family regime and that of the Kim’s are indeed close friends and allies.
    It is enlightening to make comparison between the achievements of the North Korea Kim family communist dictatorship and the democratically governed South Korea as both were at par at the end of the Korean war in 1953.
    North Korea has well over one million regular forces being fourth highest in the world ahead even of Russia. The GDP per capita is $589. South Korea has a GDP per capita of $22,590. South Korea has developed world known businesses such as Hyundai, Samsung and Kia and North Korea nothing but nuclear threat! Such are the comparative benefits of the political systems that each pursues.

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