Norway Backs Cuba’s Med Work in Haiti

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 25 – The Norwegian embassy in Cuba and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment signed an agreement through which the European nation gave some US $885,000 to the island for the purchase and sending of medicines and other necessary supplies for the work of the Cuban medical brigade in Haiti, reported IPS citing a press release by the diplomatic mission.

Cuba has well over 400 doctors working long-term in Haiti and many are currently involved in the post-earthquake relief effort.  Hundreds of young Haitians who studied medicine at Cuba’s Latin American Medical School are also joining the Cuban specialists in several field hospitals in Puerto Principe.

4 thoughts on “Norway Backs Cuba’s Med Work in Haiti

  • Gee . . . Only $885,000 . . . With all their off-shore oil wealth! Hopefully, this paltry offering will be followed by more substantial underwriting.

  • Fantastic news! I wish more people in Canada and the US knew about Cuba’s and Venezuela’s help for Haiti!

  • Thanks for catching our mistake.

  • I believe this article meant Cuba has well over 400 doctors working long-term in Haiti not Cuba. What a wonderful world this would be if we All helped one another rather than fighting with one another. World peace can be achieved but first we must find peace within.

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