Nyad Swims Cuba to Florida on Fifth Try

Diana Nyad

HAVANA TIMES — US swimmer Diana Nyad completed on Monday her quest to  cross the 110 miles between Cuba to Florida. It was her fifth try to complete the feat, reported dpa news.

Nyad, 64, arrived close to Key West, after more than 50 hours in the water and became the first person to complete the course without protection of a shark cage.

His first attempt to cross the Florida Straits was made in 1978, at age 28.

In August 2012, Nyad made her last of four failed attempts. On that occasion she managed to swim 60 miles without the protection against shark cages until poisonous jellyfish stings made her desist.

This time, Nyad wore a protective suit specially designed to prevent jellyfish stings.

She came ashore shortly before 14:00 pm and was greeted by hundreds of people who cheered the swimmer.

Nyad had jumped in the sea on Saturday at the Ernest Hemingway International Nautical Club, in Havana. From a logistical support boat with 35 people aboard, including doctors and divers, she was provided food and water during her swim.

Nyad explained that after her failed attempt to swim across the Strait more than 30 years ago, she abandoned the goal, but when she turned 60, she realized that she should not give up on her dream.

“I wanted to teach myself, at 60, some life lessons and one of them is not giving up,” she told CBS.