Obama Asks Cuba to Free Prisoners

HAVANA TIMES, June 25 — U.S. President Barack Obama expressed today in a communiqué his “sincere hope” that all Cuban political prisoners be released and highlighted the work of five of the island’s dissidents, who were awarded the Democracy Award given by the private organization National Endowment for Democracy (NED), reported IPS.

NED receives most of its funding from the US Congress and is known for its support for undermining governments considered unfriendly to Washington, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Earlier this year, Cuban President Raul Castro offered to swap the prisoners in Cuban jails, convicted of taking funds from the US government and associating with Miami based terrorist groups, for the Cuban Five, held in US prisons since 1998 for allegedly conspiring to commit espionage.

An appeal of the Cuban Five case was recently rejected by the US Supreme Court. For more on the case see: http://havanatimes.org/?p=5450

4 thoughts on “Obama Asks Cuba to Free Prisoners

  • The word is.. There are a few prisoners of concious who should be released, but the CIA boys and plants can rot. The Cuban five were protecting out country from US imperialism and a possible make believe coup like Hondurus. By no means should those men ever be released they should die in there and push up fertilizer for a new generation.
    It is time for sincere cara a cara cooperacione medio Raul Fidel and Barak..

  • President Raul Castro? Miami terrorist groups? Allegedly conspiring? hahahahhahaa

  • Milagros, traitors to Cuba, really? Because they don’t think the Cuban Communist Party should have a permanent monopoly on political power, and they’re brave enough to say so?

  • Michael Jackson died in LA today i hope one of the young writers will do a tribute to his career.
    I believe in fair swap is no swindle. But i also believe that Obama should travel to Cuba and find out why some are being held. Dr Biscet, i agree should be freed as well as anyone who spoke out in defense of free speech and the freedom of life in general. However, the rest of the wanna bes should not be released they are dangerous and traitors to Cuba

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