Obama Steps Good for Cuban Families

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 5 – The end of restrictions on Cuban-Americans travel to Cuba and their sending of remittances to the island, announced by the Barack Obama administration last April and put into effect last Thursday, “is a measure awaited by all and, moreover, necessary,” said Dionisio García, president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba.

The first steps taken towards a change in Washington’s Cuba-policy, “Will favor interfamily relations, searching for a spirit of understanding and reconciliation,” said Garcia.

The restrictions that had been effect on Cuban Americans still apply to the rest of US citizens who are forbidden from visiting Cuba without special US Treasury Dept. permission.

One thought on “Obama Steps Good for Cuban Families

  • There is never a question that Cubans are better off now that the travel restrictions have been removed, and that remittances are now part of the transformation. Yes! there will be some who still believe it should never have happened, and that our fellow Cubans who chose to stay, or were unable to leave, or those who were deliberately left behind should have “GOT ON THE BOAT” and this is to them.

    .1. First, when did we as Cubans and other so called humanitariansand concious people regardless of our politricks.. forget those we left behind in any place in the world..and should we?

    2. With the Embargo still in place and food being scarse, what is wrong with showing a bit of compassion for those who are not FIDEL, are still our countrymen regardless of the complextion? Or is the complextion the real issue?

    3. Who are some really angry with ,themelves for leaving, the US for trying to kill our people, or Fidel for seeking freedom?


    Milagros Cubana Africana

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