Obama to Skip Fidel Castro’s Funeral

Nor will he send a high-level delegation

Barack Obama and his advisor Ben Rhodes. Photo: www.americanthinker.com
Barack Obama and his advisor Ben Rhodes. Photo: www.americanthinker.com

HAVANA TIMES – US President Barack Obama will neither attend nor send a high-level delegation to Fidel Castro’s funeral in Santiago Cuba.  Instead he will leave the country’s representation in the hands of a security adviser and the unofficial ambassador on the island.

It is a way of showing respect but also recognizing the differences that still exist between the two countries, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday at a press conference. “The president has decided not to send a presidential delegation to participate in the funeral service,” he said.

Diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis, appointed by Obama’s as the US ambassador to Cuba but unconfirmed by Congress, and Ben Rhodes, one of the national security advisers who was deeply involved in the secret US-Cuba negotiations previous to the thaw in relations, will represent his country in the official farewell for the former Cuban president.

Barack Obama, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, left, and Michelle Obama. Photo: yahoo.com
Barack Obama, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, left, and Michelle Obama. Photo: yahoo.com

The White House dismissed Monday the presence of Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, at the funeral for Castro. However, the possibility remained that Secretary of State John Kerry would head a US delegation, given that Washington and Havana are at a historic moment in their relations.  On Tuesday that option was discarded.

“This was an appropriate way to show our commitment to the ongoing relationship with the Cuban people,” spokesman Earnest said.

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  • Well Dr. Mattner, i was unaware that you had graduated from Harvard or is it that you have a believe in a master race?

  • Most of the doctors, engineers and professional athletes “exported” by Cuba have taken refuge from Castros regime in capitalist countries.

  • You are correct in saying that criticism in Cuba of the Castro family communist regime is a criminal offence for which people are jailed. But the Havana Times isn’t in Cuba and isn’t subject to Fidel Castro’s laws.

  • Well you have expressed your view as have many supporters of the Castro family oppressive regime. So you and they must be negative!
    I recall one of the supporters who wrote here about his expertise in anal cleansing claiming that the absence of toilet paper in the regime’s shops was of no importance, because Cubans use water instead. The Havana Times even printed that, so where is your complaint?

  • Against the law? Wait, what?

  • Told you so! Comments have to negative towards Fidel to appear in your disgusting publication.

  • Your hypocrisy is beyond words its against the law!

  • Mexico and Central America exports gardeners, dishwashers, rapist and field hands. Cuba exports doctors, engineers and professional athletes. Viva Fidel!

  • Good decision.

  • Don’t count your chicken before they hatched.

  • Will Gerry Adams be attending in his place?

  • I’m glad that Obama is sitting this one out. Castro was the poster child for Anti Americanism the past 30 years and his death can only bring prosperity back to the people of Cuba.

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