Online Free Concert with Emerging Nicaraguan Artists

Photo: Courtesy | Niú

A number of music groups and emerging artists will present a virtual concert and chat on November 26th. The event is sponsored by Project Emerge, under the auspices of the Spanish-Nicaraguan Cultural Center in Managua.

By Niu / Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – If you like music and are curious about new and emerging Nicaraguan performers, you shouldn’t miss this event. It’s an online concert and conversation in conjunction with “Project Emerge”. There is no cost.

The event will be held on Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  Among the Nicaraguan singer-songwriters who will perform are: Lucia Espinoza, vocalist with the “Excelsyum” band. In addition, Ludwing Gomez and Luis Corea from “Ximena” will appear, and Oscar Berrios, Bruno Gallardo and Elvis Bermudez, from the “Cal I Jah” group. Other new musicians include Andres Somarriba, David Gaitan and Juan Carlos Mercado from “The Camels”, and Cesia Viurlet, rapper Veroska Sequeira, and Moises Gamez.


The event will be livestreamed over Facebook Live. Links to it will be posted on the pages of Nicaragua’s Spanish Cultural Center (CCEN), Project Emerge and Saxo Productions. Once available we will also post the link on Havana Times Facebook page.

During the event, the artists will treat the audience to their latest musical productions. They will also share their experiences during the seven seasons of Project Emerge.

The virtual gathering has been titled “Active Emerge Projects”. It’s the first virtual concert that Project Emerge has organized. Due to the worldwide public health crisis, they had to modify some of the activities they had programmed for 2020.

About the project

Project Emerge began in Nicaragua in 2013, with Saxo Productions, a company founded by singer-songwriter Mario Ruiz.  It receives financing from the Managua office and additional backing from the network of Spanish Cultural Centers in Central America.

Their objective has always been the same. They want to encourage emerging artists and help them position themselves in the national music scene. The project is also aimed at broadening the spectrum of local Nicaraguan music. Finally, it proposes to generate expectations for new musical productions.

Over 200 performing artists have participated over the seven seasons of Project Emerge’s existence. These include better-known performers, who in turn have enriched the experiences of newly emerging artists. The latter are selected for inclusion in the project.

In 2018, the project moved beyond Nicaragua’s borders and began to gain traction in Central America as a whole. Concerts were held in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica, and a CD was created with musicians from those countries.

This project is part of Cultural Center’s Program for Innovation, Artistic creativity and Cultural ventures. In general, the program proposes to increase the development and sustainability of local, creative and innovative cultural enterprises. These efforts can then improve the quality of the cultural sector, and offer the population access to quality cultural products.  These goals form part of the Center’s 2030 Agenda, specifically in the realm of “decent work and economic growth.”

Event information

Date: Thursday, November 26th

Time: 7 p.m., Central American time (8 p.m. EST)

Livestreamed over Facebook Live from pages: @ccenicaragua; @proyectoemerge; and @produccionsaxo.

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