Ortega Police Re-kidnap 3 Residents of Jinotepe

By Mynor Garcia (La Prensa)

Luis Fernando Vindell Campos. Photo: Facebook

HAVANA TIMES – Three residents of Jinotepe, Nicaragua – 20-year-old Lester Jose Selva, 30-year-old Luis Fernando Vindell Campos and Walter Jimenez, approximately 45 years old – were kidnapped on Saturday morning from their homes by Ortega police.

The three were kidnapped by police last year as well and were investigated for participation in civic protests and activities at roadblocks in the department of Jinotepe. They were, however, released due to lack of evidence.

Mr. Selva is a systems engineer and was previously an instructor at the Nicaraguan University for Humanistic Studies (UNEH). Currently he makes his living repairing computers at his home in the San Antonio neighborhood. Mr. Vindell works in business administration and is currently employed in Jinotepe in a butane gas company; and Mr. Jimenez is a litigation attorney.

Candida Eloisa Aragon, Mr. Selva’s mother, stated that police, accompanied by police dogs, violently entered her son’s home without a warrant, forcing open the metal gate and front door.

Walter Jiménez. Photo: Facebook

According to Candida Eloisa, two minors – a 15-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy, both of whom are her grandchildren – were knocked over by police.

Candida Eloisa also stated that Mr. Selva is being investigated for possession of a contact bomb such as those that were used at roadblocks. Police seized two desktop computers, four USB memory drives, six cell phones, six laptops and other objects. They also took his wallet and personal documents. The engineer was kidnapped for the first time on January 4, 2019.

Lester José Selva. Photo: Courtesy

They call him a terrorist

Uniformed officers entered Mr. Vindell’s house in the San Juan neighborhood after forcing open the door and breaking the windows of one of the rooms, in addition to gaining entry through a neighboring home. They also failed to present a warrant.

Mr. Vindell was arrested the first time on January 18, 2019 and was investigated for publishing comments against the regime on social media. The current charges against him are unknown. Police took from the home a tee shirt with the silkscreened image of a raised fist as well as 5 cell phones and a computer.

Magdalena Campos, Mr. Vindell’s mother, revealed that police told neighbors they were looking for a terrorist. The illegal searches occurred between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. this Saturday. The 3 residents of Jinotepe were taken to the infamous jail in Managua known as El Chipote. At least 10 patrol vehicles filled with riot squads and agents dressed in light blue uniforms participated in the operation.

The damage caused by Ortega police at the Vindell Campos home. LA PRENSA/MYNOR GARCÍA.

A cell phone, computer and cash were taken from attorney Jimenez at the moment of his arrest. He was kidnapped the first time in August, 2019. Unofficially, it is said he is being investigated in relation to the death of Bismark Martinez.

According to some sources, another man, from the town of San Marcos, was also kidnapped.

The families of those who were kidnapped stated that they will file complaints with human rights organizations.

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