Ortega Pulls Out of OAS Before Suspension

The most recent example of invoking the OAS’s Democratic Charter was on Honduras in 2009, following the coup d’état that overthrew President Manuel Zelaya. Now Nicaragua pulls out before its possible suspension. Photo: La Prensa/OAS

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – On the verge of being suspended from the Organization of American States (OAS), the Ortega-Murillo government of Nicaragua decided to one-up the process by pulling out all together from the hemispheric organization.

Last week 25 of the 34 OAS member states passed a resolution condemning the fraudulent self-reelection of Ortega and Murillo on November 7th.  They called for a revision by the end of November of Nicaragua’s compliance with the Democratic Charter of the OAS, with an eye towards the possible suspension of the Central American country for the flagrant human rights violations and bogus elections.

Foreign Minister Denis Moncada announced at a press conference before the regime’s State and family media that this Friday the Government of Nicaragua sent a letter to the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) to announce the separation process with the regional body.

Moncada stressed that in the communication sent directly to the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, he emphasized that Nicaragua’s decision was due to the constant “interference” of the regional body, due to the resolutions referring to the crisis in Nicaragua. Those resolutions condemned the outrages and abuses of the Ortega regime.

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2 thoughts on “Ortega Pulls Out of OAS Before Suspension

  • Hey Ed, you are right even a violent criminal who commits documented crimes against humanity as an encore to his raping, abusing and harassing his daughter for 19 years could be cold blooded rational. However, the actions of Ortega and his lovely wife are a far cry from rational. Mad, nuts, cruel beyond belief, would be three of a slew of terms that could be used to describe their actions. I remember when Ortega’s FSLN successfuly went to the OAS to denounce Somoza in 1979. Apparently the leaders don’t realize they have mirrored Somoza and don’t like the OAS today because they can’t convince very many countries that they haven’t turned Nicaragua into another cruel totalitarian dictatorship.

  • Given that the OAS put out a bogus report on Bolivia’s totally clean Evo Morales election so as to create a coup, maybe that is a VERY GOOD REASON for any rational person, or Ortega, to have pulled out of the OAS and never trust them again.

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