Ortega Unleashes Persecution of La Prensa Newspaper Staff

The facilities of La Prensa, Nicaragua’s oldest newspaper, were occupied by the Police on August 13, 2021, and its general manager arrested.

Two drivers of the newspaper have been detained since Wednesday and their whereabouts are unknown.

By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – Starting the night of Wednesday, July 6, the Ortega-Murillo began an intense hunt and persecution against the staff of the newspaper La Prensa, including drivers, photographers and reporters. Two drivers of this media outlet were kidnapped and are presumed to be in the cells of the infamous El Chipote jail.

La Prensa indicated that the persecution was aimed at the team that covered the expulsion from Nicaragua of the Missionairies of Charity, who are now in Costa Rica.

“The driver who mobilized the journalistic team was kidnapped from his family’s house at nightfall on Wednesday, July 6. The other driver of the newspaper, who was not involved in the coverage, was also detained by policemen around midnight,” said the newspaper that still publishes online after its printing facilities were occupied by Ortega’s forces.

Later, police patrols arrived at the home of the reporter who covered the expulsion of the nuns, and the home of a photographer was also raided during the early hours of the morning.

They demand an end to abuses

“The history of the La Prensa newspaper is full of abuses perpetrated by those who feel threatened by the constitutionally established right of citizens to give and receive information.  We are facing another attack to silence us,” the media outlet explained on its website.

“We demand the regime respect the laws. That the detainees be released and that the persecution cease against the staff of the newspaper, who are only people doing their job, without committing any crime,” they added.

The paper also mentioned that as in most arbitrary detentions committed by the Ortega regime “little information is available so far.” However, they insisted that relatives, lawyers, and board members of the media outlet are following up on the situation of the detainees.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, July 7, Arnulfo Somorriba, former general manager of El Nuevo Diario newspaper and the printing company Ardisa, linked to this media, which closed operations in September of 2019, was also arrested. The Police have not informed about his arrest or motives, and the whereabouts of the former executive are unknown.

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