Ortega’s Police Prevent Opposition March and Arrest Numerous Demonstrators

A peaceful demonstration on Sunday is once again repressed by the Ortega Police, enforcing a virtual state of seige against all opposition protests. Photo: 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Daniel Ortega’s police arrested at least 15 people on Sunday morning, including several opposition leaders, who wanted to hold a march in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, reported Azahalea Solís, a member of the Blue and White National Unity coalition, reported dpa news.

In statements to journalists, Solis said that among the detainees are Ana Margarita Vijil and Tamara Dávila, leaders of the dissident Sandinista Movement for Renewal (MRS), as well as José Antonio Peraza, of the opposition Movement for Nicaragua (Mpn).

The private channel 100% Noticias showed images of people as they were dragged and thrown into police pickup trucks. Solis said that several children and elderly people were among the arrested.

The TV station indicated that the president of the MRS, Suyen Barahona, had also been arrested. Other people shouted their names to the journalists who covered the events, at the moment of being arrested by the riot police.

The events occurred this morning in the sector of Camino de Oriente, in the southeast of the city, where protesters had concentrated to march despite the fact that the Police has prohibited all public demonstrations against the government of Daniel Ortega. Only the president’s supporters have carte blanche for their public gatherings.

Leaders of the Blue and White National Unity coalition responded by noting that the Nicaraguan Constitution establishes the right to reunion, demonstration and citizen mobilization. Rights which have been virtually eliminated by the siege against all opposition in place by the Ortega regime.