Ortega’s Police Search the House of Legendary Sandinista Dora Maria Tellez

Managua, Nicaragua 22/05/2019. Interview with Guerrilla Commander Dora Maria Tellez about her personal, military and party life. Oscar Navarrete / La Prensa


“The regime is desperate. For months, police patrols and paramilitaries have been stalking my house and at least three times a week they send a drone to spy on me,” stated the former commander by telephone.”


By Emiliano Chamorro Mendieta, Cinthya Torrez Garcia  (La Prensa)

HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan police under orders of Daniel Ortega continue to invade the homes of political opponents. This Monday, the residence of ex-guerrilla commander Dora Maria Tellez was illegally searched by Ortega’s Police, supposedly looking for weapons that they did not find.

“The regime is desperate. For months, police patrols and paramilitaries have been stalking my house and at least three times a week they send a drone to spy on me,” Tellez said by telephone.

A neighbor of her residence, located in the municipality of Ticuantepe, revealed that a police patrol and another vehicle entered the house. This same source said that the officers did not arrive with a violent attitude.

Mayor is denounced for political espionage

Tellez pointed out that the current mayor of Ticuantepe, Ligia Ramirez, has participated in the conspiracy against her with the use of the drone.

“That drone passes by dawn, sometimes in the morning, other times in the afternoon and the accomplice of the political espionage is the mayor of Ticuantepe, Ligia Ramirez, because her property is used as a camp to conspire against me,” Tellez denounced.

Tellez pointed out that if the Ortega Police is searching for weapons belonging to her, they should look for them in the police records, where they have them properly filed.

The Ortega Police officers at the entrance of the house of the ex-guerrilla leader Dora Maria Tellez. LA PRENSA / Taken from Tweeter

“After the deployment of dozens of police and riot police, they came out saying that they were searching for a shotgun.”

“Surely the Ortega Murillo are terrified and uncontrolled. The regime is in its final days.

“There is no turning back. They know the weapons that I legally have. They are in the police files,” emphasized Dora Maria.

The ex-commander revealed that she left her home nine months ago, because of the constant police and paramilitary intimidation.

“I have been out of my house for months, which has been besieged by police and paramilitaries constantly, Tellez reiterated.

The former guerrilla assured that the regime intends to kidnap her, as they have done with other citizens critical of the government.

The regime is finished

In the first days of January, the Ortega regime has increased the kidnappings against citizens that have participated in the peaceful protests.

“After more than 500 killed, more than two thousand wounded, more than 600 prisoners and thousands of persecuted, do the Ortega-Murillo’s believe that they can escape justice? Their regime is finished, it is intimidated and desperate. These are its final days,” wrote Tellez on her Tweeter account.

Justice will come

“I am very clear of that (that they want to imprison her) because the Ortega Murillo has a policy of kidnapping citizens. They have killed more than five hundred people; others are imprisoned for protesting peacefully. But, whatever they do, justice will come to them very soon. This is the decline of the regime; it is only a matter of time. They are terrified of losing power, that is why they repress, murder and imprison,” said the former Sandinista commander and opponent Dora Maria Tellez, one of the most prominent figures of the Sandinista Revolution.

The Ortega Police, defender the regime

A top police chief in Nicaragua assured this Monday that the institution is willing to defend “in any terrain” the government presided by Daniel Ortega.

“We will be willing to defend, on any terrain, our government so that our social projects continue to benefit the majority of the population,” the secretary of the high command of the National Police, Javier Davila, said in a speech.

“The police chief affirmed, on the other hand, that the police promotion and recruitment is prepared to overcome any obstacle and difficulties and continue “defending the Sandinista Popular Revolution.”

With information from EFE