Ortega’s Riot Squad Attacks Protestors and Journalists in Managua, Nicaragua

The arrest of former Sandinsita guerrilla commander Monica Baltodano. March 16, 2019. Photo: Roberto Fonseca / laprensa.com.ni

HAVANA TIMES – In an attempt to prevent reporting of the police violence against peaceful protestors the Ortega riot squads also attacked journalists trying to cover the protest march on Saturday, reports La Prensa. 

French Press (AFP) reporter Luis Sequeira had his camera taken and smashed to pieces.

Among the arrested are: Max Jérez, Mildred Rayo, Luis Alfredo Vallejos, Azahalea Solís, Ana Margarita Vigil, Humberto Belli, Sandra Ramos, Mónica Baltodano, Víctor Corea, Rosalinda López Miranda, Helena Hendrix, Julieta Martínez, Jorge López, Jessica López, María José Castillo Salaverry y Virginia Anadir Castillo, reported La Prensa.  See the preliminary list of 62 arrested here.

The reporters of different national and international media are held up at the LaFise bank building with dozens of threatening police patrols surrounding the building.

French Press (AFP) reporter Luis Sequeira had his camera taken and smashed to pieces.   Photo: Abixael Mogollón

Early on Saturday, riot police were stationed all over the center of Managua threatening to attack or arrest anyone trying to take part in the march demanding the release of all the 700+ political prisoners. 

People on the street carrying the Nicaraguan blue and white flag were being detained as anything with those colors is considered a terrorist act by Ortega and his wife and VP Rosario Murillo, punishable with up to 30 years in prison after circus trials.

One of those violently arrested on Saturday was former Sandinista guerrilla commander Monica Baltodano, whose brother Ricardo Baltodano, a history professor who also fought the Somoza dictatorship in the 1970s, has been imprisoned for months.

This woman was arrested for the crime of carrying the Nicaraguan flag.  Photo: U. Molina, laprensa.com.ni
Protestor being arrested on Saturday March 16, 2019.  The Ortega dictatorship goes all out once again to crush any decent.


Protesting against the government of Ortega and Murillo is considered an act of terrorism punishable with up to 30 years in prison in circus trials with fabricated charges and false testimones.  Photo: laprensa.com.ni


Protestor being arrested on March 16, 2019.  Photo: Uriel Molina, laprensa.com.ni
Police attacking a peaceful protestor on Saturday March 16, 2019. Photo: Uriel Molina, laprensa.com.ni
Ortega’s riot police surrounding the building where the national and international reporters took refuge. They reportedly have fired shots at the building.  Photo: laprensa.com.ni


2 thoughts on “Ortega’s Riot Squad Attacks Protestors and Journalists in Managua, Nicaragua

  • Ortega is worse than Somoza and Castro’s government is guilty of this tragedy.

  • There’s nothing in this world that you can get away with nothing is so strong nothing it’s so strong as gentleness nothing so gentle as real strength. Does paramilitary are a whole bunch of cowards and Bullies. How can you do that to another human being how can you take their freedom away you know what that’s like. The devil is in Nicaragua right now and all those people who are making everybody miserable, are you going to answer to a higher power.

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