Pablo Milanes Warns Castros of Opportunists

HAVANA, Sept. 19 – Cuban President Raúl Castro and his brother Fidel should work “so that the Revolution is not left in the air and a group of opportunists who are already (close to them) in power do not take over” the island, singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés, one of the founders of the New Song Movement, said in an interview published by Brazil’s OEstado de Sao Paulo daily, reported IPS.

One thought on “Pablo Milanes Warns Castros of Opportunists

  • When the the vested interests in the cuban elite have made their decisive moves — and even the politically dense can finally see what’s going on — it will have become far too late for the rest of the citizenry to have countered them. The time to struggle against the opportunists — and for socialism — is now.

    So get organized. In spite of the repression.
    At least you have a very clear, rallying goal now.

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