Panamanian Organizations Warn Opponents of Cuban Gov. who Attend Summit of the Americas

By CaféFuerte

Representatives of Cuban civil society, under the patronage of President Raul Castro, taking the plane on Tuesday to travel to Panama.
Representatives of Cuban civil society, under the patronage of President Raul Castro, taking the plane on Tuesday to travel to Panama.

HAVANA TIMES — In an open threat to the Cuban and Venezuelan opposition attending the VII Summit of the Americas, Panamanian organizations supporting the regime of Raul Castro said they will not tolerate “conspiracy and provocative activities” in the country and said they will blame the Panamanian government for any incident that may occur.

The warning from 15 groups, including the Union of Journalists of Panama (SPP) and the Trade Union of Workers of the Republic of Panama (FSTRP) appears in a letter sent Monday to Panamanian Foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado, asking her to “take appropriate measures” to prevent Cuban and Venezuelan dissidents and opposition members from carrying out their activities parallel to the Summit.

The document, which was published in full in the official Cuban newspaper Granma, attacks meetings and demonstrations called by Cuban and Venezuelan opposition groups and dissidents, noting “they have the intention to use our country [Panama] as a platform for plotting and coordinating activities designed to interfere in the internal affairs of these two nations “in addition to” offend and denigrate the dignity of heads of states and official delegations.

“They are being allowed to carry out with impunity demonstrations and meetings aimed at tarnishing the Summit and use our country as a platform for conspiracy against the legitimate governments of Cuba and Venezuela, compromising the Panamanian state,” states the letter.

Avoid interventionist conspiracies

The undersigned organizations include the itinerary of activities planned by the Cuban and Venezuelan opposition activists and request they be prevented from performing acts of provocation.

“Otherwise our Panamanian people’s organizations will be obliged to enforce respect for our country and prevent the use our territory for conspiracies and interventionist demonstrations in the internal affairs of other fraternal countries. If such activities of provocation and interference are not avoided the national government will be held responsible for any unfortunate situation that may arise,” the letter concludes.

The publication of the text by the Panamanian groups occurs following the arrival of Cuban exiles and dissidents to Panama City, since last Sunday, and the retaining some of them for several hours at the Tocumen airport. Among those detained for several hours was Rosa Maria Paya, daughter of deceased opponent Oswaldo Paya Sardinas.

An advance group of more than 100 representatives of Cuban “civil society”, sponsored by the government of Raul Castro, began arriving on Tuesday morning to Panama and issued a statement accusing the opposition activists as “mercenaries paid by historical enemies of our nation” and links them to known terrorists present to attend collateral programs to the hemispheric forum.



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  • The US is trying to blockade the president of the Puerto Rican Independence Party, Atty. Ruben Berrios Martinez, a experte in International relations and a graduate of Oxford, Yale and Georgetown….Nicaragua invited him to be part of their delegation since US does not really believe in human rights…except in countries it wants to control..

  • I see Felix Rodriguez will be staring there. He gave the order to shoot Che Guevara, but not in the head, after Che lost his trial, subsequent appeal and right wrist. Mr. Rodriguez was getting his paychecks from the CIA at the time. That agency that works tirelessly to bring human rights and democracy to the backward, unenlighted “dark corners” of the world, which do not sufficiently understand and appreciate the wisdom and benevolence of Washington and Wall St. What an esteemed member of civil society. Maybe he can pick up Luis’ missing bomb detonator that was left behind in the University auditorium.

  • In South Carolina, the police officer who shot the black man has been fired from the police department and charged with murder.

    Remind me of any time a Cuban state security agent has ever been charged with murder?

  • Panama will do as the puppet master (the US) instructs it to. No change in policy there then. Covert saboteurs with one goal, as much disruption as possible. Same old US hypocrisy whose supporters have the nerve to talk about human rights and democracy.
    Remind us about human rights in South Carolina in the past couple of days.

  • So it’s official now. The governments of Latin America don’t even pretend to care about human rights or democracy. They have thrown in their lot with the Leftist tyrants.

  • If the Castros spent half as much time, effort and money on figuring out how to feed themselves as they spend on defending their dictatorship, they would have enough potatoes for everyone. So what if there are protests against the Castros. What are they so afraid of?

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