Paquito D’Rivera Defends Yoani Sanchez

HAVANA TIMES — Renowned Cuban-American saxophone player Paquito D’Rivera expressed on Wednesday his opposition to criticism and actions by exiles in Miami directed against opposition blogger Yoani Sanchez.

“I think this is really silly for a group of Cuban exiles (…) to subject to a repudiation rally, the only person in 54 years who has taken the spotlight off the Castros,” the artist said in an article published in Café Fuerte.

D’Rivera asked “let’s be sensible and not let this opportunity slip by,” referring to the visit of Sanchez to the United States. He added, “I differ from many of the opinions of the famed blogger” but “I think everyone wants more or less the same. “


3 thoughts on “Paquito D’Rivera Defends Yoani Sanchez

  • It is only severe historic amnesia that would have anyone believing that the GOUSAU or people who work hand in glove with the GOUSA are at all interested in democracy .

    It has been U.S. consistent foreign policy to support any dictatorial regime that is anti-socialist and pro-capitalist .

    Democracy has never been at the center of policy except in the propaganda which is the polar opposite of the practice.

    Anyone who supports capitalism is, in fact, a totalitarian .

    Supporting a U.S. electoral form and government which is a de facto “unelected dictatorship of money …which works behind the scenes to veto any elected official who might seek to change the foreign or domestic priorities of the imperial U.S. regime.” (Herman and Patterson) is likewise, totalitarian in practice while ostensibly claiming it is actually democracy

  • Perhaps their goal never was to democratize Cuba!

  • This group that plans to protest against her, Vigilia Mambisa, are certainly well within their right to disagree publicly with Senora Sanchez. I only wish they would do so in an appropriate and constructive fashion. To do any less than that will shift the focus away from what is a valid argument and towards the carnival tactics that the Castros regularly use to suppress dissent. They will end up working against their goal to democratze Cuba.

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