Pastoral Platform Demands Release of Cuban Five

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban Pastoral Platform issued a proclamation on Tuesday expressing the need for the reunification of the Cuban State Security agents serving long prison terms with their families on the island, reported Prensa Latina.

The text was released in the Chapel of the Resurrection of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of the western city of Matanzas.

“The Five have taught us, as a people and as a society, what is the true meaning of Marti’s idea of ??balance in the world,” said the Rev. Pablo Oden Marichal, member and coordinator of the Platform, which consists of seven denominations.

So far René González has been the only one of the agents released after serving part of his punishment in October 2011, and has been authorized by Judge Joan Lenard to stay in Cuban territory, in exchange for renouncing his U.S. citizenship.