Pastors for Peace Caravan to Arrive in Cuba in Late July

From a previous Pastors for Peace caravan to Cuba.

HAVANA TIMES – The 25th Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba is expected to arrive in Havana on July 24, after touring 65 cities in Canada and the United States to the border with Mexico, according to Radio Havana Cuba.

The group will remain in Cuban territory until August 3, during which it will deliver tons of humanitarian aid, which this time includes four vehicles and medical supplies.

Gail Walker, the co-director of Pastors for Peace, said she felt happy to “show the US authorities that the world is against its unjust and immoral policy,” adding that the Caravan takes place this year at a special time when growing numbers of US citizens favor a normalization of relations with Cuba.

One thought on “Pastors for Peace Caravan to Arrive in Cuba in Late July

  • Cadbury’s produce a chocolate bar named “fruit and nuts”. “Normal” relations with Cuba are only possible for people who pursue the concept of Socialist doctrinaire dictatorship including Mugabe, Kim Jung Un, Bashar Asad, Nicolas Maduro, Vladamir Putin and their like. No prizes for guessing which is their favorite chocolate bar!

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