Peru’s Humala Headed for Cuba on Friday

Ollanta Humala. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Peruvian President Ollanta Humala travels to Cuba on Friday on a trip to increase bilateral cooperation and possibly visit ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in his Havana hospital.

DPA news reported that Humala had requested the Peruvian congress to grant him permission to be absent from the country for the trip on Friday and Saturday.

Humala’s visit to Cuba will coincide with that of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez who is also expected on Friday.

One thought on “Peru’s Humala Headed for Cuba on Friday

  • Hey, am I the only who thinks all these latin american leaders are making this pilgrimage to Cuba to say goodbye to their buddy? I read in the UK’s Guardian that Chavez had an emergency tracheotomy to open his airways. I also read that his surgeons during this last surgery removed more than 5 feet of intestines and fused three lower vertebrae in his back. People who know and like Chavez say that he must be gravely ill to voluntarily miss his inauguration. I assume he is still alive but really…who knows?

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