Peruvian President Responds After Vote to Impeach Him

Opposition legislators first moved to impeach Peruvian President Pedro Castillo back in Novembrer 2021. File photo: Guadalupe Pardo/AP

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Peru, President Pedro Castillo on Tuesday rejected allegations of corruption after Congress voted to begin impeachment proceedings against him this week. Castillo, a leftist former teacher and union leader, vowed to correct errors made by his administration and signaled the need for a larger government overhaul.

President Pedro Castillo: “Peru is currently experiencing an unprecedented institutional crisis involving the three levels of government. This has a negative impact on the quality of the public services that we as a state provide to the population. This situation cannot continue.”

Castillo’s approval rating has plummeted to 26% since taking office last July. Peru has had five presidents since 2016.

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  • Democracy is a struggle almost everywhere in the world. But why is Latin America so much more disabled in maintaining democratic principles?

  • Another Venezuela with its presidential address is in Havana

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