Police Raid UCLA; Harvard Graduates Walk Out, Defend Protesters Who Were Denied Graduation

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – As the hearing was unfolding on Capitol Hill, police in riot gear stormed UCLA’s campus just after hundreds of students set up another encampment and took over a campus building.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, over 1,000 Harvard graduates walked out of their commencement ceremony Thursday. Many chanted “Let them walk,” in reference to the 13 students who were not allowed to graduate in retaliation for their involvement with campus protests. Speakers at the ceremony also addressed the issue.

Ali Mirza: “While these students may not leave with the degrees they rightfully earned, they will walk out of Harvard’s gates with something far more important: a clear conscience and a proof of resolute commitment to humanity. Take courage from their steadfastness. And honor their sacrifice by using your degree to speak out for the oppressed.”

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