Posada Carriles to Get Trial Date Today

HAVANA TIMES, June 2 — A court in El Paso, Texas, will decide today the date for the trial of confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who is charged with lying to the U.S. immigration authorities when he entered the country undocumented in 2005, reported the Miami-based El Nuevo Herald. Moreover, Posada did not disclose his relationship with the 1997 attacks against hotels in Cuba, which caused the death of Italian Fabio di Celmo, reported IPS.

Posada is wanted in Venezuela to answer for the blowing up of a civilian Cuban airliner back in 1976 in which all 73 persons on board were killed.  To date the US has refused to extradite him to Caracas.

One thought on “Posada Carriles to Get Trial Date Today

  • Given the actuarial tables, it is likely the Grim Reaper will harvest Posada Carriles before the criminal justice system does! Yet another example our double-standard and hypocracy in dealing with terrorism when it is not directed agains us, or if the terrorists support official U.S. policy.

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