Possibly More Deaths at Psychiatric Hospital

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 30 – The number of patients in the Havana Psychiatric Hospital who died due to the cold weather in mid January could be as many as 50, affirmed Elizardo Sánchez, president of the opposition’s Cuban Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation. Up to now the Cuban authorities have only acknowledged the death of 26 persons,  reported IPS.

One thought on “Possibly More Deaths at Psychiatric Hospital

  • This is an amazingly shocking story. I think there is more to the this story, then cold temperatures. Cuba is a tropical country that can’t get as cold as death. I have two theories; one) These deaths could possibly have something to do with paranormal activity. two) The workers at this hospital might possibly have something to do with the deaths of up to 50 people. It defiantly would be define as suspicion deaths. I think that the police should investigate these deaths further. To get to the bottom of this, to find an explanation.There could be many other explanations that could be brought on due to these deaths. But, I think this is very important to find out the answers. These deaths MUST be looked into immediately.

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